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Wonderful and beautiful flower arrangement.

Today I find one very beautiful flower arrangement from everyday flowers. This arrangement can be very nice daily decoration for your house or holiday decoration like weddings or birthdays.

Try to do something you. I think its very good to spent time and nice finish - beautiful arrangement. :)

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Kinds of flowers and What Does it Mean?

Kinds the Narcissus - formality, remain same fine as you are. The narcissuses also known as jonquil or a narcissus brought to the Great Britain by Romans which wrongly trusted, that could cure juice of wounds. In the nature, juice of a narcissus contains sharp crystals which protect it from animals. Today, people look at a bright, yellow narcissus as on a symbol of revival, an attribute of new time which comes with a spring. Actually, the narcissus is a flower of birthday of March, month in which the spring equinox begins. Speak, that Narcissuses will transfer a good condition on the person who does not tramble down them. If they bring bad mood on the bride, narcissuses should be present never on wedding. Greeks originally identified narcissuses with death. According to the Greek myth, narcissuses grew in meadows of the Underworld, kingdom dead. Other legend connect with a beautiful Greek Narcissus of a youth. Approaching to the river, the Narcissus has bent, that drinks waters. The narcissus has wanted to seize the display in water, it has bent more strongly above water and has sunk. Narcissuses designate - " the sun always shines when I with you ".
Basically, narcissuses designate meek love, strong feelings and knights. Red roses - certainly, love! All roses transfer heat, attachment and love in a various degree. But the red rose, being queen of roses, is most popular of all. The conventional value of a red rose - deep love and attachment. Red roses also express more than romantic attitudes, deep, pulsing passion, violent desires.
Red roses also symbolize bravery, respect and admiration. At the same time a bouquet of red and white roses - a symbol of unity. White roses with red roses, in a bouquet, bear the same sense. It is a symbol of loyalty, unanimity - "you and I - a single whole".
It is known, that flowers have language, i.e. each flower - a symbol of any idea or feeling. Earlier, in many cases of high life ignorance of language of colors could lead to inexcusable misses and mistakes. This language is alive and today. And its instructions are those:
It is less known about value colors and kinds of roses. Red and white in one bouquet mean unity, pink grace and elegance, and yellow - pleasure or pleasure of dialogue mean. If you wish to express feelings on February, 14th (Valentine day) orange or coral roses will tell about your desire. Dark red or claret will tell your favourite that it is madly beautiful (by the way, this excellent addition to a glass of red wine).

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What is a flower?

What is a flower?

A flower is the part of the plant that makes the seeds. The main parts of a flower are the carpels and stamens. These parts are often found in the center of the flower. There are egg cells in the carpel and pollen cells in the stamen. All flowers have four basic parts: petails, sepals, carpels and stamen. Different flowers have different numbers and shapes of these parts.


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